New Look BT Home Hub Released

October 15, 2007 · Filed Under BT Total Broadband VoIP, VoIP News, VoIP Providers · Comment 

BT’s have updated the design of their Home Hub which is their wireless router (connecting your computer to the BT broadband enabled phone line) enabling you to provide broadband wirelessly throughout the home from a sexy looking box! The Home Hub will update itself automatically and is futureproofed as technical upgrades can be delivered more easily. The redesign also makes it even easier for you to set up so you can be online without too much fuss and surfing the net at speeds of up to 8MBps in no time.

The BT Home Hub is included with Option 3 and Option 2 (when ordered online) at no extra cost (only £30 extra with Option 1). The hub allows you to connect multiple devices (such as desktop computers, laptops, gaming consoles, and also BT Vision TV) either via a cable or without using wires – all you need is a computer with wireless capability. Internet security is catered for with a built-in pre-configured firewall, to keep hackers and other intruders out, and make sure your computer and personal files are kept safe. It is also easy to connect external devices like the BT Hub Phone (included with Option 3 at no extra cost), or your existing touchtone phone, so you can make cheap BT VoIP calls over the Internet.

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