VoIP Allows Users To Be Truly Mobile

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For many businesses getting rid of their landline and migrating to a VoIP solution is growing increasingly attractive so it should come as no surprise that many business have done just that in the last few years.

VoIP has a huge number of advantages over traditional technologies. The main advantage is that whilst landlines and standard mobile phones tie the user to the device, the beauty of a VoIP service such as Vonage VoIP is that users can make and receive calls on any device no matter where they are, so long as the device has internet connectivity.

This means if someone would like their calls to come to computer, smartphone, laptop or tablet they can do this by adopting a VoIP solution. It also means that users are completely mobile safe in the knowledge they can always be reached.

Missing a call in this day and age can mean missing out on making a profit so it is unacceptable for professionals to fail to be able to take a call and with VoIP there is simply no chance of that happening.

This is not the only significant advantage associated with VoIP, the technology now also offers state of the art voicemail, hold music and many other features.

VoIP is increasingly well regarded for its high levels of reliability and users are finding it extremely rare that they experience down time. I

The service is also both cheap and easy to maintain so there is no need for any of the repair jobs that traditional telecom solutions regularly need.

People who are considering migrating should also think about the big advances that are being made in the quality of clarity in recent years, so VoIP solutions are now of the highest quality.

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Sign Up To Vonage And Get A Gift Card Worth £50

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Vonage Gift Card

Vonage have a fabulous offer on right now and all you need to do is sign up for any one of their calling plans and you will receive a Gift Card worth £70!

Here’s how it works

  • Sign up to any Vonage Plan before midnight Wednesday 30th April 2014.
  • If you’re still with Vonage on 15th June 2014 they will send you details of their Gift Card Reward website, so you can go online and choose your gift card. There are dozens to choose from including Marks and Spencer, Boots and Argos.
  • Get a £50 gift card on any Vonage call plan.
  • You must have a UK credit card and billing address

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Home Buyers Concerned About Internet Connectivity

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When it comes to purchasing property many people consider issues such as price, location and size which are the first things that come to people’s mind, however there is the latest trend is to start thinking about broadband connectivity as well.

According to the latest research many people consider broadband to be the fourth most important utility alongside electricity water and gas.

Approximately 54 per cent of people polled said they thought a decent internet connection was important in choosing where they live which makes it a more important priority than having local amenities and shops which 52 per cent thought was important. Friendly neighbours comes in at just under 50 per cent.

Only nine per cent of those that responded said they would be interested in period features when they purchase a property. Welsh residents were most concerned about obtaining reliable secure and fast broadband with 65 per cent saying it was necessary. Another important feature was a strong mobile signal that many respondents thought was necessary.

“The important role technology plays in our everyday lives – from interaction on social media to online shopping – also shone through the survey with access to a good broadband connection and mobile phone signal making it into the top 20 must-have home features.” Ben Wilson, a comparison analyst said

It should come as no surprise that people value their internet connection, one reason people want fast and reliable broadband is the ability to run a VoIP solution such as Vonage VoIP.

Households can use VoIP instead of traditional fixed line networks and the most significant benefit is the ability to save cash by making cheap calls.

Whilst VoIP a few years ago was not seen as being reliable it has come on leaps and bounds and is now one of the most resilient solutions on the telecoms market.

There are plenty of useful functions and features that enable it to stand out from traditional fixed line telephony.

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Employees Hate Commuting

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UK residents have named commuting as the most common cause of time waste who say they spend up to one hour and forty minutes every day criss crossing back and forth from home to work.

According to research firm Engage Mutual there are a number of features of modern life that annoy many people who often believe their time could be spent better elsewhere.

A spokesman for Engage Mutual said: “We all lead very busy lives but it’s amazing just how much time life’s distractions can take up. What’s apparent is that many people want to make better use of their time. Understanding where and how we might be wasting this scarce resource is an important first step.”

Perhaps the most common cause of complaint is transportation with road works, de-icing of the car or navigating train timetables all commonly said to be a big waste of time.

Bearing this in mind it can pay for companies to allow employees the option of working from home as this will save commuting time.

Companies which allow their employees to work from home will stand to gain by implementing a VoIP solution such as Vonage VoIP which allows workers to make and receive cheap calls using an internet connection.

Instead of using their valuable time to travel, workers can start working immediately and managers know they have a reliable way of staying in contact with their staff at all hours of the day.

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VoIP Key To Flexible Working

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In the modern era flexible working is increasingly being adopted by companies and there are many reasons why firms should make use of the practice.

According to Duncan Higgins a Marketing Director at Virgin Media Business there are four advantages of allowing employees to work on a flexible basis.

Mr. Higgins says flexible working helps employees to become more productive because they can complete tasks whilst they are on the move. Workers are no longer restricted by location or time and are able to work when and where they choose.

Another huge advantage is making dead time useful, whether this is in the evening when an employee is sitting at home or during the time it takes to complete the morning and evening commute, the addition of dead time is extremely valuable.

Mr. Higgins added that a key priority for any firm is the ability to attract the next generation of employees which flexible working can help achieve.

According to PwC many workers in the modern age will simply refuse to commit to a job unless they are assured it will not commandeer their lifestyle. The option of flexibility will reassure potential employees that they can have a healthy work-life balance.

Finally Mr. Higgins suggests that outdated systems tend to hold back companies and the ability to work flexibly solves the issue.

If you are someone thinking about implementing a flexible working system the first step that needs to be taken is an investment in a VoIP solution such as Vonage VoIP which will go a long way to achieving the required result both quickly and easily.

VoIP allows employees to stay in contact at all times by enabling them to make low cast calls over the internet efficiently.

This means regardless of where the employee is or what time of day they are completing their tasks, managers have the ability to contact them and pass on important instructions and information.

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Airlines To Start Offering In-Flight Wi-FI

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British airports continue to get busier with the number of people travelling to and from the UK rising in 2013 when compared to 2012.

According to the latest date, nearly 7.8 million additional people made use of UK airports in 2013 compared to 2012 which represents an increase of 3.5 per cent.

London airports grew passenger numbers by 4.7 million with the rest of the UK seeing passenger numbers increase by 3.1 million. Whilst this is strong growth, passenger numbers are still 4.8 per cent below the peak which was hit in 2007.

All in all a whopping 228 million people transited through UK airports in 2013 marking the third consecutive year of recovery.

“Our figures show the strength of underlying demand for air travel, which picked up well in advance of the general economy. Solid growth in UK GDP may mean that passenger numbers continue to grow healthily. This is happening despite a shortage of runway capacity in the south-east.” Civil Aviation Authority director Iain Osborne said:

As business people are keen to make international meetings, trade exhibitions and conferences all over the world it is critical they are serviced by top not air links.

Many airlines have started to roll out in-flight Wi-Fi technology on board their planes. This means in theory it is possible to use a VoIP solution such as Vonage VoIP at 30,000 ft which will allow employees to stay in touch with managers whilst they are travelling.

The ability to make and receive calls at high altitude would provide a huge boost to efficiency and productivity levels of executives who may need to travel for work reasons.

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Mobile Continues To Drive VoIP Adoption In 2013

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VoIP is growing increasingly popular with companies all over the world according to the latest data from 2013.

According to data from Infonetics Research many mobile operators experienced 20 per cent growth year on year when it came to VoIP and and IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) operations.

Diane Myers an Infonetics Research Analysis covering the space says that whilst there is still some room for product specialists and pure play vendors, the major manufacturers of equipments are benefitting from deep relationships with mobile carriers and wide product portfolios that offer many services aside from carrier VoIP and IMS.

Approximately £2.2 billion in revenue was taken by VoIP and IMS equipment manufacturers in 2013 representing an increase of 30 per cent from 2012.

China, the US and Japan recorded the strongest spending which is largely the product of very larger mobile markets and a highly competitive landscape.

Infonetics Research says all the major regions posted impressive results last year. Whilst mobile has without question changed the way the market works and is the reason why many investments are made in VoIP and other telecoms technology, fixed line projects continue to endure.

Despite the good performance in 2013, Infonetics Research added a note of caution saying that the trend may not be easy to sustain in 2014. Many operators are likely to draw down inventory in 2014 and this is likely to create lumpiness in the market.

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London Underground Adds Ten New Wi-Fi Connected Stations

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An additional ten London Underground stations have been kitted out with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Virgin Media says it has added internet connectivity at a number of Tube stations throughout London as connectivity in the city continues to imp-rove.

The latest additions means there are now a total of 131 Tube stations on the Underground network that offer commuters Wi-Fi connectivity which makes it easier for consumers and business people to access the internet whilst they travel.

The latest additions are more good news for users of VoIP technology such as Vonage VoIP because it means they can make and receive low cost calls using the internet connectivity whilst they travel. Customers of EE, O2 and Vodafone will all be able to use Wi-Fi connectivity at no cost whilst for others it costs just £2 a day.

By the end of the year nearly all Tube stations barring four will have Wi-Fi connectivity underscoring just how important the matter is to London’s transport authorities.

Transport for London will issue staff with iPads that will be used on platforms to offer services as part of broad based changes to the way the organisation operates.

Virgin Media said that approximately 80,000 people made use of the service in London during New Year’s Eve which just goes to show how much potential the service has.

The ability to stay connected whilst travelling is a major component of modern business today and VoIP services allow individuals and companies to achieve this.

The Tube’s Wi-Fi service was first made available during the 2012 Olympics which took place in London. The service has grown increasingly popular ever since.

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EE And Three Combine Their 4G Infrastructure

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Three and EE have announced they are combining to offer better 4G services throughout the UK. Both companies say they want to slash costs by combing backhaul and transmission operations which will make it easier for both companies to roll out their 4G network.

Whilst there are some small differences between the platforms run by the two operators both companies are seeking to share much of their infrastructure in order to achieve greater efficiency costs.

“The new framework increases cost efficiencies as we continue our rollout of 4G to cover more than 90 per cent of the UK population by the end of the year. This is part of our £1.5 billion three-year investment to significantly differentiate the EE network in terms of the people we connect and the experience they receive.” A spokesperson for EE said.

EE was the first UK telco to offer a full 4G service whilst Three is just about to enter the market. Both companies already partner for 3G services however the spokesman said the new deal is quite different.

One of the main difference is EE charges its customers a premium to access its 4G service whilst Three has said it will upgrade existing customers on its 3G network for now cost whatsoever. The only drawback is customers of Three will have to wait for a while before they can take advantage of the technology.

David Dyson chief executive of the company says services and apps will make 4G increasingly relevant over the coming years. Whilst 3G may be adequate for the moment, in the long run consumers and businesses will increasingly prefer to have 4G services.

As soon as 4G is rolled out consumers have a great opportunity to download a VoIP solution such as Vonage VoIP to their phone and make use of their internet connection to make fast and reliable calls which will save a lot of money in the long run.

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The Rise and Rise Of The Smartphone

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It is clear that smartphones have proven to be popular not just with people in the UK but with consumers all over the world, with the iPhone 5s said to be the most popular device of the present time.

According to the latest research from uSwitch the iPhone 5s was the number one smartphone in the UK during January and is the fourth consecutive month the iconic Apple device has been at the top.

Having spent Christmas as the most popular smartphone in the UK, there seems to be no signs that the popularity of the device is declining any time soon despite the presence of many rival devices who are seeking their place in the sun.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the closest rival to the iPhone having spent the last 10 months in the top five. The mini version of the S4 is also incredibly popular moving up two places in the top ten list to number eight.

Rounding out the top five include the iPhone 5c, Galaxy S3, and iPhone 4s emphasizing the iron clad grip that both Samsung and Apple have on the market.

“The iPhone 5S Gold has sailed into the new year as the nation’s favourite mobile phone, having spent the last quarter of 2013 in the top spot. Price clearly hasn’t deterred customers who are happy to pay a premium for their favourite brand, which has allowed Apple to dominate the top of the table.” Ernest Doku of uSwitch said.

Whilst many people may find smartphones particularly attractive, the smart move would be to purchase a new VoIP phone which has a number of features and benefits.

By making use of a VoIP phone you can enjoy really cheap calls from service providers like Vonage VoIP which routs their calls over an internet connection rather than through mobile networks. These phones are increasingly more reliable and have a whole lot of functionality.

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